Services & Products

Bradwell Electronics has been operating for over 60 years. During this time, we have learnt a lot about how to best meet the needs of our customers, from the humble family home to the most high flying business. We believe everyone deserves innovative products, at a fair price, that are built to last

Consumer Products

Bradwell Electronics has over 60 years experience in products that are made with the consumer in mind.

We were there for the first wave of colour televisions. We were there for the first home PC. We were there for the internet, tablets and the inception of AR.

We are proud of our award winning products and famous customer service, for which we stand with our 10 year minimum guarantee on every product we sell. We were there then and we will be there for the future, too.

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Business Products

Just like every home is unique, every business is unique also.

We provide products that adapt to how you and your employees want to work, and to your needs as a company.

When introducing Bradwell Electronics products into your business, you are also receiving 24/7 business support from our award winning customer service team.

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Bradwell Electronics offers more than just products: For us it is all about providing consumers, businesses and governments with 24/7 services and care.

As well as providing products for businesses and personal use, we also provide services catered to these markets and more. Working with schools to make our technology accessible to young people. Working with governments to create IT systems for health care. Free learning programs for people just getting started with Bradwell Electronic products.

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