GOS 6 is the biggest update to the world’s most powerful AR device. The latest update brings a whole host of new features to your Guide Glasses experience.

Bradwell OpenCall

Bring the office chatter into your home office with the GOS 6 OpenCall. Set the times you can broadcast and the people you wish to be connected to. A permanent call channel will be opened within your Guide. No need for checking extra apps on your computer or smart device. Share ideas freely, talk out problems or simple shoot the breeze with your colleagues.

Image Dock

Image sharing has always been an important part of the Guide Glasses user experience. We have now included the option to dock an image on your home screen. Great for keeping images you need to hand, such as a recipe while you’re cooking. All possible with GOS 6.

Updates to Guide AI

Guide, the AI used by thousands of devices everyday is getting an update. The latest update will allow for Guide to be able to create tasks and events based on your natural speech. Guide will keep all of these in an easy-to-access task list.