Today, Bradwell Foundation announced its upcoming events at the Bradwell Stonehenge Museum. The free-entry museum is celebrating its first birthday this summer and Bradwell Foundation wants everyone to celebrate with them.

The Bradwell Stonehenge Museum opened on the 25 June 2025 after Stonehenge and the surrounding area were preserved after a large cave system was disrupted, destabilizing the historic monument in 2019.

To celebrate, Bradwell Foundation invites everyone to the enjoy Stonehenge, as they have done for many years, on the day of the Summer Solstice. The site will be open to all on the 19th June, and into the morning of the 20th, so you can enjoy the aligned sunrise.

During the day of the 20th of June, special exhibits and performances will take place culminating in a Summer Solstice Gala dinner event. The event will be raising money for Bradwell Foundation’s latest program, the Clean Water Initiative.

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