Consumer Products

Since our launch in 1964, one goal has always been at the heart of every Bradwell Electronics product: using cutting-edge innovation to deliver high-end electronics at a reasonable, affordable price. This, combined with Bradwell Research & Development’s dedication to discovering the new technologies of tomorrow, is what has made Bradwell such a household name.


Our latest innovation, Guide Glasses represent a revolution in truly personal computing. Every detail of your life, all just a voice command away.

Seamlessly syncs with your Bradwell Online account: access your e-mail, calendar, contacts and more – even when you have no signal.

Every moment, captured: Integrated Ultra HD camera allows for super high-quality voice and video communications. Plus, our Memory Maker software continuously captures the last 30 minutes of footage – so you never miss a moment.

Next-Generation AI: Meet Jo/E, your new personal assistant! Unrivalled speech recognition and synthesis technology, coupled with the most complex expert system ever used in a consumer product, enables Jo/E to do far more than just dictate messages and search the Internet.

Amazing TrueView Lenses: each eye is a 4K display capable of full exterior light penetration. Augmented Reality has never looked this convincing.

BVigilant: a wide variety of sensors monitor both the user’s health and the exterior environment, keeping an eye out for issues and potential threats such as poor air quality, breathing irregularity, or dangerous airborne substances.

Your Life. Your Style.

Guide Glasses come in a wide range of different frames and styles, designed in collaboration with the world’s leading eyewear artisans. Got a pair of glasses you just can’t part with? Then try our Guide-Over service, where we’ll custom-fit our innovations into your favourite frames. Visit your local Bradwell Store for more information and pricing.

Bradwell BPure 400

Water, better.

The latest evolution of Bradwell’s world-leading water engineering: the Bradwell BPure 400.

For areas not yet receiving purified water directly from British Water, Bradwell offers this low cost, low-impact purifier for home use. Simply connect the BPure 400 to your incoming water supply using the supplied fixing kit, and that’s it: the included filter lasts for ten years, so you won’t have to even think about it.


Soft Water, Wherever You Are: Tired to scrubbing limescale off your shower, kettle and taps? With BPure, you can say goodbye to limescale even in the hardest water areas!

A Taste Sensation: Forget buying bottled water for that pure taste. All elements that affect taste are safely removed, leaving you with refreshing, pure water, straight out of the tap.

Visit your nearest electronics or plumbing suppliers and experience the Bradwell difference.

Bradwell BL2026X Computer & Screen

Computing at its finest.

The BL2026X is the newest release in Bradwell’s famous BL product line.

A powerful computer, twice as fast as the comparable products in its category, and a super high definition 25K touch display in one, with all the connectivity you can wish for (including the Bradwell Guide Glasses).

As always, Bradwell’s 5 year no questions asked guarantee allows you to buy and enjoy all this incredible power in confidence.


BLX-26 Processor: 128 Cores, four times the processing power, three times the cache but only half the size of the previous BLX Processor generation.

4TB RAM Standard Configuration

200TB SuperFast State Disk for all your storage needs.

Best Energy Rating among its class

Bradwell Guide Glass Integration (including personalisation, access control and security)

Bradwell BProductive 2026 Tablet

Everything, anywhere.

The 2026 edition of Bradwell’s multi-award winning, best-selling BProductive tablet is finally here, featuring the newest ElectrOS 2026 release, upgraded haptic interface feedback, a wonderful 20K resolution screen and six integrated cameras capable of creating 360 degrees, full motion VR video experiences for the Bradwell Guide Glasses.

Battery life has increased to 72 hours full use without needing to recharge.

And all this without compromising on weight and computing power.

BLX-26M Processor: Up to 96 Cores.

BLX-Pairing Mode: The ability to share computing power amongst multiple BProductive Tablets.

100TB SuperFast State Disk

Bradwell Guide Glasses Integration (including personalisation, access control and security)