Clean Water Initiative

When deciding our second major initiative, we looked across the world and sought out opportunities to deliver real change. It instantly became clear: access to clean, reliable sources of water was still a huge issue across the globe. Clean water shouldn’t be a privilege: as something necessary for day-to-day survival, we firmly believe that having clean water available is a human right that everyone should enjoy.

At the same time, we looked at other water-related issues that affected communities, and saw the two major issues of abundance: the effect of drought, and its knock-on effects to food supplies; and flooding, and the vast damage and loss of life it can cause.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to these problems, so we work on an area-by-area basis – collaborating with local charities, governments, and private enterprise to deliver safety and stability with regards to water supply, quality, and control.

Clean Water

Delivering clean, safe water to every single person on the planet is our mission.

Our local branches analyse and survey communities and their environments to work out the most reliable method of delivering clean water to the area. That may be desalination plants for areas that are close to the sea, tapping into groundwater flows where available, or using Bradwell R&D’s cutting-edge filtration technology to cleanse waters from rivers and streams.

Case Study: Thames Filtration System

Our first foray into water filtration was a facility to provide clean water to the whole Greater London area, developed in conjunction with the UK Government.

In the early 2020s, a number of issues were facing the Greater London Authority with regards to water. Demand had continued to increase in London, while the worsening global economic climate was pushing prices up at the privatised supply firms. Add in a natural decline in the groundwater flow, and something needed to be done.

Our first step was to work with the Government to nationalize the whole Thames Valley area’s water supply and maintenance. This helped stabilize pricing, but demand was still outstripping the reservoir and treatment facilities’ capacity.

The Thames Filtration System takes in water from the UK’s longest river, cleanses it without using any harsh or harmful chemicals, and then reroutes it back into the UK’s mains supply. What’s key, however, is that it does so with double the throughput, and at under 10% of the cost of the previous system.

In fact, the costs involved in running and maintaining the system are so low that we are now able to supply the first 2,000 gallons of water per month to households for free.


Bradwell Electronics has also taken this technology and reformatted it for consumer or enterprise use, so that those who haven’t yet been served by the Clear Water Initiative can still purify their water sources for individual buildings with a simple installation. For more information, visit the Bradwell Electronics consumer site.

Drought Prevention

There are still many regions across the world which do not have access to a stable, reliable water supply. The Bradwell Foundation is helping in these areas, using our advanced groundwater detection and extraction technologies to discover previously unknown flows. Combined with our rainwater filtration and seawater desalination solutions, we’re working hard to make sure that every part of the globe has reliable, clean water supplies.

Flood Prevention

The rapidly rising sea levels in the early ‘20s has led to a record number of people displaced from smaller tropical islands and coastal areas, fleeing inland.