Business Products

From taking care of your business’s complete  IT infrastructure to building custom solutions to meet your production needs, for us no challenge is too big or too small. Custom automated warehousing and fulfillment, large scale 3D printing units, world-wide secure data networks…  You name it, we’ve built it.

Also, all our Bradwell Electronics products can be fully customised to better serve your business and integrate with how YOU want to operate. It’s about enabling you to focus on your business. Get in touch with our Business Solutions Team. You’ll be surprised what we can do for you.

Guide Glass S

Every detail of your business, all just a voice command away.

Want to unlock your workforce’s true potential? Introducing the Guide Glass S: an enterprise-level evolution of the revolutionary Bradwell Guide Glasses. Packed with features to enable your staff to work smarter and faster, the Glass S opens a whole new world of collaborative potential.

Enterprise-Level Security: Permits connections to 256-bit encrypted domains and VPNs, ensuring the highest level of security for your data. Glass S also features dual-iris scanners that prevent unauthorized access to the device itself.

Geolocation Privileges: Permit or restrict user functionality with refined Geofencing. The Glass S features an enhanced GPS+ antenna, offering greater accuracy and an encrypted format that cannot be spoofed.

Crisper Communication: Dedicated high-bandwidth servers allow unprecedented team communication, including 100-person conference call facilities and UHD POV streams for remote monitoring.

Customisable NAND: Replace your keycard systems with Glass S, featuring a rewritable NAND flash that integrates with your security system for easy facility administration.

Full AR Creation: includes company-wide licensing for HoloStudio Pro, enabling easy creation of augmented reality displays around your facilities.

Additional features and hardware components can be customized based on your business’s needs. For more information, please contact your designated Bradwell Enterprise Solutions agent.