Access to Education

Giving the next generation the skills they need to shape the future

The Bradwell Foundation’s aim is simple and clear: we want to build a better future. And we’ll work our hardest to achieve that. But our first concern had to be: what about when we’re gone? How do we empower the next generation to exceed not only beyond our reach, but beyond even the scope of what we can imagine?

The answer we arrived at was equally simple: we must do everything we can to inspire and train the next generation of scientists, engineers, designers, and bold thinkers.

Starting with our funding for free museum entry across the UK – now guaranteed to at least 2040 – we continued to search for the best ways to improve access to education. We were alarmed at the dropping rates of people going on to further education, largely due to spiralling tuition fees saddling prospective students with debt that would take decades to pay off. And so we established the Bradwell Higher Education Fund, which now grants full University or college scholarships to over 100,000 people across the world every year.