About Bradwell

Bradwell Electronics is, first and foremost, a family company. Every member of our staff – from senior executives to our irreplaceable factory workers – are part of that family; a family that looks out for each other, supports each other, and spurs each other on to greater and greater heights.

John Bradwell
John Bradwell

John founded Bradwell Electronics in 1964 at the young age of 20, and his visionary leadership guided our constant growth and tireless innovation until his retirement in 2016. John and Eliza Bradwell’s goal of producing high quality products at affordable prices – and in an ethical manner – is still encoded firmly in our DNA.

Melissa Bradwell
Melissa Bradwell

Melissa joined the family firm after finishing university, initially working with her mother, Eliza, and Bradwell Research & Development. Her keen scientific talents and natural affinity for business propelled her up the organization, and her active role in the Bradwell Foundation made her a perfect candidate to lead the company going forward.

Absent Friends

We will never forget the contributions of the late Eliza, Stephen and Kate Bradwell. Not only did we lose beloved leaders that day, but also a wife, a mother; a son, a brother; a daughter, a sister. Their values still propel the Bradwell Group – in particular the Bradwell Foundation, which embodied Eliza’s spirit of philanthropy so fully.

The Bradwell Team

Gerald McNamara
Vice President, Bradwell R & D

“Bradwell Electronics has long prided itself on delivering the latest technology innovations at consumer-friendly prices, but now we’re stepping far beyond that. Our work at Bradwell Research & Development is focused on not only state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, but in the last decade has also moved to exploratory research into advances that will change our lives for the better. Whether it’s healthcare, water safety, productivity, entertainment or civil simulation modelling, Bradwell is at the vanguard of the changing times.”

Stacy Benedict
Chief Product Manager, Consumer Devices

“In the BProductive group, our mission is simple: developing new technologies that allow you to live your life in more productive, enjoyable ways. From our industry-standard work suite, Achieve, which enables you to collaborate across the globe in real-time, to our most recent device – the Bradwell Guide Glasses, which recentre your digital life right in front of your eyes – we strive to bridge the gaps between people and unlock your full potential.”

Kathleen Stuart
Director of People, Bradwell Foundation

“ Bradwell Foundation has always worked closely with Bradwell Electronics and Bradwell R&D. Being able to share resources has lead to leaps in technology aimed at helping the many and equalising the people of the world. Everyone who takes a role at either Bradwell Electronics or Bradwell R&D also becomes a team member of Bradwell Foundation. Everyone is working together to try and make the world a better place, where everyone can thrive.”

History &

All of Bradwell’s companies started from the same place; Bradwell Electronics. Created by John Bradwell making home electronics. It was the addition of Eliza Winters (later Eliza Bradwell) that took the company from strength to strength. With the ethos that everyone should have equal opportunities when it came to technology.

In its 60-plus years of history, Bradwell Electronics has seen so many changes in the world of technology, pioneering a lot of these changes itself. As we move into the exciting and yet undiscovered world of tomorrow, let’s take a moment to look back and see how far we’ve come.


John Bradwell founds Bradwell Electronics Ltd. at the age of 20, with the aim of producing household electronics. For the first six months the company is run from John’s garage in Reading, Berkshire. The firm’s first product, an entry-level transistor radio, is released in November the same year.


Bradwell Electronics releases the B-16 and the optional Bradwell Disk Drive. A pre built and mass produced machine that opens up the computer market to new audiences and not just the hobbyists. The project combined the technical genius of recent hire, Eliza Winters, and the selling power of John Bradwell.


After the success of the Bradwell Fax-Copier 120C, Bradwell Communications is established as a child company of Bradwell Electronics, dedicated to improving communication between businesses.


Bradwell R&D is created as a separate company by Eliza Bradwell (previously Winters). Focusing on researching new technology, Eliza always believed that complacency was not an option for Bradwell Electronics.


The Bradwell Foundation is founded by John and Eliza Bradwell. It’s mission is to help create a world of equal opportunities for everyone, no matter what their circumstances, background or economic status. All people deserve to thrive.


Melissa Bradwell becomes CEO of Bradwell Electronics. John Bradwell steps down from the company citing declining health after the loss of Eliza and two of his children, Kate and Stephen.


Bradwell Stonehenge Museum opens, the biggest building project yet undertaken by Bradwell Foundation. Securing the Stonehenge site after land in the area became highly unsettled by tunnelling work, the museum was created as a free entry heritage site, operating on a donation and grant basis to honour the wishes of Eliza Bradwell for equality for all.